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Beacon and lightbar accessories


Beacon Fixing Bracket

Fixing Brackets Part No’s

1 Bolt Beacon 999.547

Blaze Bar Kit 999.568

Light Bar Kit 999.569




Fixing Brackets Part No’s

Bulb Part Numbers

12 Volt Bulb Part No 950.448

24 Volt Bulb Part No 950.466



Rocker Switch On / Off

High Lift Feet

1 Pair of Stainless Steel 100mm

Part No 905.010

High Lift Feet

1 Pair of Stainless Steel 150mm

Part No 905.011


i red

Real Speech Alarm Handbrake Warning System

With this system there can be no excuse for any driver to leave the cab without first applying the handbrake.


Parts Catalogue

i tracker

Fleet Vehicle Tracking Demo