Hot Car

5 Tips on How to Stay Cool in your Hot Car

Isn’t it funny that when we have consistently hot weather in England, we call it a ‘heatwave’? Whereas, everywhere else calls it ‘summer’? Probably a lot to do with how unpredictable summer’s in England normally are. This ‘heatwave’ means that it will not only be hot outside but even more so inside a car, especially when it is stationary. So what can you do to counteract the heat when the car is stationary? Continue reading

vehicle safety

Keeping You and Your Vehicle Safe

One of the most important requirements people look for in their vehicles is safety. No matter what vehicle you are driving, you want to know that you can rely on your motor. Most new vehicles come with a lot of additional safety features that older cars do not have. However, if you do have a slightly older vehicle and have not yet considered the benefits of having new safety features installed, it may be time to reconsider! You can have a range of safety features added to your vehicle and this blog will inform you of what is available. You will be sure to find something that will benefit your safety and suit your own personal preferences. So, if you are interested in finding out how you can increase the safety of your vehicle, take a read of this article… Continue reading

Lower your Driving Costs

Running a car can be costly between refuelling, repairs and insurance, it can end up being a drain on your finances. However, there are ways to avoid spending more money than you need to by making a few conscious choices; this can help to lower the overall cost. Below are some of these tips that can help you to drive down your bills. Continue reading

Prepare your Vehicle for Winter

winter driving

Summer is coming to an end: the days are getting shorter, the nights colder and we can already see shops preparing for Christmas shopping. While this might sound depressing, autumn is the perfect time of the year to start preparing for winter pressures. Preparing for winter also means preparing your car for your safety and comfort. Have a look below for our best tips on how to prepare at best this winter. Continue reading

reversing aids

Rear Cameras vs Parking Sensors: Which is Right for You?

While parking accidents are rare and usually don’t end with injuries, they do account for a significant amount of driving accidents. Cars and especially trucks have blind spots where the driver cannot see while reversing, it is easier to hit a pole or drive over something while in reverse.

The blind spots in the equation can be countered with various tools, such as blind spot mirrors as well as backup cameras and sensors that alert the driver about any objects that are close to the actual bumper.

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heated vehicle seat

Benefits of heated car seats

When the winter weather comes around, driving in a cold car can get uncomfortable. The logical idea would be to turn on the heating in the car.

What if you had the choice to target that heat to one person’s body, for instance, if they always seem to feel colder than you do? This is where heated car seats come in. Here are the benefits of having heated car seats.

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fleet management

What is fleet management?

Fleet management simply translates as the total management of a company’s fleet of vehicles, covering every aspect of the life-cycle of a vehicle from procurement to disposal.

This option is one to be considered by any business that relies on transportation for their business to process, and for those who wish to remove or minimise the risks that are associated with vehicle investment, improving productivity, efficiency, reducing transportation and employee costs and ensuring 100% compliance with government legislation and more.

However, this does not mean that a fleet manager has to undertake all actions required to keep each and every vehicle on the road, but they may take personal responsibility for the fleet.

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Top 5 Tips on How to Stay Cool in the Car


Summer in England may be as unpredictable as the political climate but that does not mean that it does not have a tendency to get hot once in a while. Once it does, it can get increasingly hot within a car, of course, you can put the air conditioning on when you are in it to counteract the heat but what can you do when the car is stationary?

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parking sensor

How does a parking sensor work?

Attempting to park your car into a narrow parking space is certainly a nerve-wracking process.

With the help of a parking sensor, the ordeal can be a little less stressful. But it goes to question how exactly does a parking sensor work?

Using either electromagnetic waves or ultrasonics, a sensor will alert the driver before he dents the car behind or reverses into something.

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dash cam

Dash Cam Do’s and Don’ts

Dash cams are extremely beneficial for a number of reasons; recording travels or becoming a point of evidence should you be involved in a car accident.

Busy roads, congested streets and motorways can sometimes put even the best drivers to the test. Also, insurance fraudsters are upping their game recently, which is why the popularity of the dash cam is on the rise.

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