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Cycle Carriers




ZX98 ZX108



  • Fitting and removal in seconds - No tools requires (After initial installation of the lower bracket)
  • Simply clicks into place
  • Carry cycles and tow at the same time (3)
  • Fully padded rubber carrier arms and frame rest
  • Heavy duty restraints and reinforced strap to ensure cycle safety
  • Provision for attachment of lock or cable for cycle security
  • Includes 3 elastic cycle attachment straps
  • Note! ZX89 Includes bike clamps for securing bikes

Part Numbers

ZX88 - The new standard for Towbar mounted cycle carries, up to 4 cycles

ZX89 - The new cycle carrier with clamps, for up to 3 cycles

ZX98 - A 3/4 cycle carrier for vehicles with a rear mounted spar wheel which has a small overhang (< 110mm)

ZX108 - A 3/4 cycle carrier for vehicles with a rear mounted spare wheel with a larger overhang (< 200mm)


Cycle Carrier Accessories



ZX88P Pack of 3 additional bungee straps

Where a low number plate exists, use ZX97/A A base plate for use with ZX98, ZX99, ZX108, & ZX109

Where a low number plate exists, use ZX78/A A base plate for use with ZX88 & ZX89

ZX64 Wall mounting bracket for all cycle carriers



Number Plates Made

ZX89/S Spare clamps for the range of witter cycle carriers

Spare base plate, useful for a second car that has a flanged Towball. This lets you transfer the cycle carrier from one vehicle to another Part No ZX88/A to be used with ZX88 & ZX99. Part No ZX98/A to be used with ZX98 & ZX99



Real Speech Alarm Handbrake Warning System

With this system there can be no excuse for any driver to leave the cab without first applying the handbrake.

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