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Fleet Tracking Key Features


Locate your vehicles 24/7



Driver ID Business

(optional extra)
Records the name of the person who has driven a vehicle with times, dates and a lot more...


Each driver has a Dallas key which has there name assigned to it

Each time a vehicle needs to start the driver has to use the Dallas key assigned to them

Each time a Dallas key is presented to a vehicle it records the drivers name and details for that journey

Detailed reports are available to view and print off stating what driver has driven what vehicles

Any driver can with a Dallas key can drive any vehicle which is fitted with the driver ID kit and records their name against that specific vehicle and journey


Driver ID Business & Personal

(optional extra)
Same as the Business driver ID but supplied with an extra key


The driver selects which Dallas key to use, business or personal

Business records everything, journey details, start stop times, speed, route taken etc

Personal records only mileage and start and stop times, No journey history is viewable

Ideal for keeping a record of personal and business mileage. No need to ask the driver for there mileage you can view the details.

Remote Engine Immobilisation

(optional extra)
From your PC (authorised persons only) you are able to send a signal to a vehicle to remotely immobilise the vehicles engine. For safety reasons this is via a starter cut and will not immobilise whilst the vehicles engine is switched on. More details on request.




(Standard Feature)

Configure alerts to appear on your PC screen and/or to be sent to your email. For a small extra fee these can sent direct to your mobile phone.

Examples of the type of Alerts you can configure - Entered London congestion zone, Arrived at site, Departed site, Movement out of work hours and more...


Standard Key features

  • 24/7 tracking on an unlimited number of vehicles
  • Global coverage
  • Minute by minute reporting
  • Detailed mapping, street level accuracy with added Google earth mapping
  • Suitable for Cars, Vans, Lorries, Plant Equipment & Trailers
  • Covert installation
  • Simple to use, accessible from a Windows based PC via the Internet

Available Reports: Fleet, Vehicle Details, Journeys, Journey Details, Daily Activity, Daily Visits, Time Sheet, Out of Hours, Late/early, Mileage, Odometer

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Real Speech Alarm Handbrake Warning System

With this system there can be no excuse for any driver to leave the cab without first applying the handbrake.


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