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Flettner Vents and Grills


Roof Flettner Vent


Rotary Wind Driven Flettner Ventilator Available In Black or White



Low Profile Ventilator

Low Level

Plastic (Duct type) Ventilator - Ideal if roof bars are fitted



Aluminium Grills



Fixed Hook Louvre Grill

No 96/FL
225 X 150MM

Slotted Grill

No 129/HM
225 x 164mm

No 129/HM
300 X 225MM

Multi-slotted Fixed Hook Louvre

No 96/FLMS
225 x 164mm

No 129/FLMS
300 X 225MM


i red

Real Speech Alarm Handbrake Warning System

With this system there can be no excuse for any driver to leave the cab without first applying the handbrake.


Parts Catalogue

i tracker

Fleet Vehicle Tracking Demo