Ford Connect Seats

Original Ford Connect Seats

Tilt and fold forward supplied & fitted with seat belts for the later Ford Connect model


Important Notice For the Trend & Limited Edition Models!

These specific models have 3 front seats, one is a very small seat in between the driver and passenger seat


The only way the second row of additional seats can be fitted means that the front small centre seat cannot be used. This is because the headrest and seat belt mounting point is secured to the steel bulkhead which has to be removed for the second row of additional seats to be fitted


When this has been removed there would be no seat belt facility for the small front centre seat and no front seat headrests. For all other models there is no issue and the seats can be secured without any modification to the front seating area 

Example photos of the Ford Connect seats installed in to a Ford Connect

  • The false floor footwell is cut away and then carpeted to make a nice neat finish


  •  Plylining & Wizadeck flooring optional extra


  • Certificate supplied stating the seats are Mi rated which is for you to show your insurance company

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