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Ford Rep Lock 

High Security Lock for Ford vans that replace the original OE door lock 

A direct replacement high security anti-pick cylinder that prevents thieves from picking the driver's door open to gain access to the vehicle, specifically designed for Ford Transit & Custom vans 


Why have a Rep Lock? - When inside the vehicle thieves can easily over ride the OE immobiliser via the OBD socket if they have the right equipment or empty the contents from the unlocked load area of the van


Thieves are currently picking the manufacturer's original driver's door lock quite easily to gain access without causing any damage. The ones in the know how can then plug a device into the OBD socket which can then bypass the immobiliser and then drive away


The Rep Lock is a unique, direct replacement high security door lock that replaces the vulnerable OE lock on the drivers door and requires no drilling or adjusting of the OE mechanism setup and therefore makes a quick install for our fitters


Available for these models:-


1) Ford Transit 2000 - 2014


2) Ford Transit 2014 - to current model


3) Ford Custom 2012 - to current model (new shape custom only)


We recommend having security locks all round your van i.e. 1x Rep Lock for the drivers door and 2 x Deadlocks, 1 for the sideload door and one for the rear doors . When having all 3 locks we can provide 3 keys and all 3 keys will work in the Rep Lock and Dead Lock barrels so you do not have to use different keys for the 2 different locks, state when ordering you require this! 

Click HERE for Dead Lock information



Key Features


  • Designed specifically for the Ford Transit & Custom

  • Direct replacement for the OE (original equipment) lock 

  • High security, anti drill and pick resistant maintenance free cylinder

  • Instant protection from lock pick tools used by thieves 

  • Quick installation time by a trained Fastfit installer, less downtime to you

  • Theft Deterrent



Call now for a quotation Tel:


0121 522 4949 


01527 575729

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