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Heated Vehicle Seats

Beat the cold weather at the click of a button


The heated seating we promote is designed using the latest revolutionary design in carbon fiber technology to give you factory quality seat heating.

The ultra-slim pads distribute heat 100% efficiently and far more effectively than traditional wired based systems. The 2-level heat setting is effective in less than 1 minute and can be tailored to any size of seat.


                                           Seat Heaters

                  Under-Cloth Dual Level System




















Separate temperature safety sensors for even                                                

 heating and temperature monitoring


Fits most seats—Car, SUV, Truck, RV, Boat




High quality sewn heat pads—CE approved

LED indicator on button shows when in use


Deluxe dual temperature switch—High/Off/ Low


A small discreet switch will operate the seat pad with a choice of two heat settings










i red

Real Speech Alarm Handbrake Warning System

With this system there can be no excuse for any driver to leave the cab without first applying the handbrake.


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Fleet Vehicle Tracking Demo