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HGV Sidescan Warning Sensors FORS Accredited

Fastfit Nationwide Ltd

Mobile fitting for the Midlands area only for this product

Approved FORS associate member for being installers for the FORS equipment

The manufactures products we use are also FORS associate members and the equipment is FORS recognised

FORS Accredited HGV Sidescan Warning Sensors

Mobile fitting service available for most areas (Excluding Scotland) P.O.A

FORS Official Website click on the link below

How The Systems work                                     Choose from the systems below

Providing a low speed trigger and left turn module is fitted and the vehicle has a digital Tachograph, the system will only operated when the left hand turn indicator is activated and the vehicle is at a speed of 5.8mph or less

The system will provide a warning to the cab driver by means of a buzzer positioned in the cab when a cyclist or obstical is within sensor range

The pedestrian/cyclist will also have a warning and will hear an audible warning saying “Vehicle Turning Left”, a speaker is positioned on the outside, nearside rear of the cab area.

PleaseNote!                                                                                                                                                                                             The audible speaking alarm sound level is preset by the manufacturer and can sometime be a little quiet if there is a lot of noise around from the environment and engine, this is not a fault of the system but preset at the factory

If your vehicle has an analogue Tachograph (older type vehicle) then the low speed trigger module will not work. This means the system will be activated each time the left hand turn indicator is activated at any speed. However the in cab buzzer and external audible alarm should not sound unless something is within the sensor proximity range to trigger the warning devices.  

The system is designed to offer assistance whilst turning into tight areas and that the driver should still use caution when turning.

The diagams shown are for guidence only of the positioning of the sensors. This depends on the vehicle type and suitability, we may have to position the sensors in an area we think best suited for them to work 

We also recomend the fitting of a "Fresnel Lens" at the sametime to the nearside window the the cab, please order at the same time when ordering the Sidescan system. Frenel Lens supplied from £8 + vat


Sidescan 4 Sensor Protection System

FORS accredited product which is commonly used for:-

HGV Nearside Trailer Warning Protection Zone or

Nearside Cab Area 

You tell us which area you would like the sensor to be fitted in, or you for extra protection you can have both areas covered with 2 sets of sensor kits, you would need 2 Cab Buzzers and 2 Audible Warning Alarms as these work independently for each system.

                           Option 1                                                                                             Option 2



1 kit Includes

  • 4 sensor system
  • Underslung or flush mount sensors
  • Two levels of detection sensitivity, 1.0 or 1.5m detection range
  • In Cab Warning Buzzer
  • Left Turn Indicator for system activation
  • Low Speed Trigger Module
  • Audible Speaking Alarm "Vehicle Turning Left"
  • Suzi Connection Optional Extra

When ordering, you must state if the vehicle/vehicles are rigid or Artic type. The sensor kit is the same except all Artic vehicles require an additional Suzi Connector which is additional equipment and labour cost

If your vehicle has an analogue Tachograph (older type vehicle) then you must let us know and we will order a kit without the low speed and left turn module



Other available sensor protection systems


Corner Scan 3 Sensor Protection System


  • Cornerscan kit with 3 sensor
  • Flush mount sensors
  • Two levels of sensitivity, 0.6 or 1.0m detection range
  • In Cab Warning Buzzer

Available Options

  • Left Turn Indicator for system activation
  • Low Speed Trigger Module
  • Audible Speaking Alarm "Vehicle Turning Left









Rear Sensor Protection System


Commonly used as a HGV reversing aid

  • 4 sensor system
  • Underslung or flush mount installation
  • 2.5m detection range - outer sensors can be reduced to 0.6m
  • System activated by reverse gear
  • 50cm compensation range for sensors fitted inboard of vehicle rear
  • In Cab Warning Buzzer


  • Can be fitted to articulated vehicles with additional Suzie cables
  • 3 stage visual distance warning display Optional Extra





Front sensor Protection System


  • 4 sensor system
  • Flush mount sensors
  • 2.0 or 1.0m detection range - outer sensors can be reduced to 0.6m

Optional Extra

  • Low Speed Trigger Module -System activated below designated speed









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With this system there can be no excuse for any driver to leave the cab without first applying the handbrake.


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