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Mi Witness

Mi-Witness Online Store                       HD Camera - ideal for Cars - Vans - Taxis & HGV'S



HD Recording

With a high-performance CMOS sensor and megapixel lens, the Mi Witness reproduces outstanding high definition video for even greater detail.





Why choose the Mi Witness Camera over other cameras, listed below are just a few reasons why this is a superb product! 

          HD Quality Recording   

          Internal Battery - for approximatley 20 minutes unpowered manual recording time 

          Quick Release Bracket - so you can make manual recordings

          GPS Sensor - built into the unit for accurate recording evidence

          Printable Comphrehensive Report - with photo evidence 

          Snap Shot Feature - take images outside the vehicle

          2nd Camera Port - (2nd camera optional extra)




The quick Release bracket means you can easily remove the recorder from the vehicle and walk around the incident taking photos and videos for evidence. The unit comes with a built in rechargable battery which lasts up to 20 mins manual record time

With the Mi Witness Vehicle Recorder is specially designed so you can capture accidents and dangerous driving and also fight incorrect speeding fines or convictions in HD quality movie. This will help drivers to protect their no claims bonus and licence and could save on company fleet insurance.

When used in commercial vehicles the unit captures poor driving, unauthorised use of company vehicles and provides vital evidence in the event of an accident.


    Printable Comprehensive Reports





Smart Port

Opens up a whole new world of accessory communication
Our revolutionary SmartPort allows for even greater versatility and our WiFi Dongle is the first accessory to utilise this revolutionary SmartPort, the WiFi Dongle allows for connections to be made to a smartphone to see video and change settings.

2 Channel Video
The MI Witness has a second video channel (640x480 @ 15fps), ideal for recording in another direction. MI Witness has options for internal or external cameras.

Smart Power
The MI Witness offers both smart shutdown technology and cordless power for portable recordings. Smart Shutdown technology protects your video files in the event of the power being disconnected so you don't loose important video files. Cordless power allows you to take the camera from its mount and use the MI Witness as a portable camera to record the incident from multiple positions allowing you to gather even more evidence. The internal battery power in the Mi Witness will last aprox 20-30 mins. 

Smart Power Hardwire Kit (Optional Extra)

The Mi Witness optional Smart Power Hardwire kit allows for effective utilisation of the parking mode feature and protects the vehicles battery from excessive power drain.

Portable Video / Snap Shot Feature
With its on board battery you can now walk around the incident taking photos & video

Multiple Software Platforms
Mi Witness is supplied with FREE PC software for viewing the files. Also available will be software and Apps for Android, OS, OSX and Smartphones.

Furture Proof
The MI Witness is software upgradable making the MI Witness as future proof as possible. Any new firmware is loaded onto the Mini SD Card and the MI Witness will do the rest


Mi Witness HD In Car Camera - Whats in the box?

- Mi Witness HD Camera
- Windscreen Mounting Bracket
- Cigar Lead
- SD Card 8 Gig
- SD Card Reader
- Spare Sticky Pad (Windscreen Bracket)
- Cable ties & Clips
- Quick Start Guide
- 12 Months Warranty


Mi Witness - Technical Spec:

- 1280x720 (16:9) HD Recordings (MAX 30fps)
- Camera 2M (200,000pixels)
- Angle Of View (HD) Diagonal 120˚, Horizontal 90.2˚, Vertical 67.5˚
- 3-axis Acceleration G-Sensor
- 2 Channel Camera Support
- Integrated Microphone
- LED indication for Driving & Parking Mode
- Viewer Application (PC / Smart phone - Android & iOS)
- Built In GPS Receiver
- Micro SD Card (Default : 8GB Class 10, Supports up to 32GB)
- Quick Release Mount


Mi Witness Special Features:

- Smart Port (WiFI Dongle*) 2 Channel Camera Support
- Snap Shot Feature - take images out side the vehicle
- Internal Battery - 20-30 mins unpowered recording

- Wi-Fi dongle* (Video transfer to Android/iOS phone.)
- Recording Modes (Normal/Event/Parking/Snap Shot)

- Rear camera - Std / Infa-Red / Waterproof*
- Smart Power (Wired/Portable Operation)

Mi Witness - Video Viewing Software

The Mi- Witness saves & records files in mp4 format. Due to this you can check recorded files with a complient mp4 player or the Mi-Viewer software provides with every Mi Witness HD device.


Optional Extras

 2nd Camera 



Mi Witness 2nd Camera Option
(Internal) For 2 Channel Video

The MI Witness has a second video channel (640x480 @ 15fps), ideal for recording in another direction. MI Witness has options for internal (as shown) or infa Red versions or waterproof external cameras. We can spec this camera to your requirements please call our sales team.


Other options Extras Available


2nd Windscreen Mount

MI Witness Protective Case

Sticky Pads (Windcreen Mount)

Cigar Power Lead

Smart Power Cable

WI-FI dongle (Video transfer to Android)

32 Gig SD Card

16 Gig SD Card





i red

Real Speech Alarm Handbrake Warning System

With this system there can be no excuse for any driver to leave the cab without first applying the handbrake.


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i tracker

Fleet Vehicle Tracking Demo