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Reversing Cameras


Reversing Cameras


BE-800C - Heated Camera

Top of the range colour camera with built in heater delivering fantastic picture quality in day and night.

BE-820C - Mini Camera

Small colour camera with wide viewing angle ideally suited to smaller vehicles.

CAM 33C1 Colour Camera

Ideal Motor home Dual Camera with 2 inputs for the monitor





BE-970WM - 2 Inputs Waterproof 7\" Digital LCD Monitor

BE-970WFM - 4 Inputs Multi Image Waterproof 7\" Digital LCD Monitor

BE-870LM - 2 Inputs 7\" LCD Monitor

High quality monitor at an affordable price. Features include two camera inputs and 'Button-lock' feature to prevent driver interference.

BE-856GM - 2 Inputs 5.6\" Digital LCD Monitor

Smaller high quality monitor perfect when cab space is restricted. Offers two camera inputs.



Benefits of reversing camera

  • Prevents reversing collisions with people, property or vehicles
  • Reduces vehicle damage to the rear
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Assists safe and easier manoeuvring


Real Speech Alarm Handbrake Warning System

With this system there can be no excuse for any driver to leave the cab without first applying the handbrake.

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