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Speed Limiters

Speed Limiters Dramatically Save Fuel!



Reduce Your Fleet Fuel Bill By Up To 25%


Proven case studies have shown that by fitting a Speed Limiter you could

possibly save up to 25% on your fuel bill and you should get your initial investment back in no time at all!


Speed Limiters, whether on company cars or for the ‘white van man’, are fast becoming the accessories of choice.  
They reduce fuel consumption and wear-and-tear both on the vehicle and the driver


                                                                              Why Fit a Speed Limiter?

                -  Possibly Save up to 25% on fuel costs

                - Reduces corporate liability under ‘Duty of Care’ programs

                · Reduction in CO2 can help green policy targets

                · Reduction in vehicle wear and tear / maintenance costs

                · Increases driver safety






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