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Vehicle Accessories

Fast Fit nationwide is your one stop shop for all your vehicle accessories requirements including:

Beacons and Lightbars

We can provide any type of beacons and lightbars from a very low budget to top range, along with beacons and lightbar accessories.

Our products include:

DVD Car Systems

We can provide two types of DVD Car Systems, for those long drives or those night in the van with the family!

  • Headrest monitors with wireless remote control, backlit buttons which auto fade at night and a personal headphone input complete the luxury entertainment experience

  • Drop Down Roof and Armrest, with the following available Screen Sizes: 9 inch, 10.2 inch, 11.6 inch

Vehicle Trackers for Theft

Vehicle Trackers for theft save you money, help you comply to regulations, help you resolve your theft claims productively and help you reduce your carbon footprint! Our vehicle trackers include:

Roof Bars, Racks and Carriers

There is never enough space in the car! That’s why Fast Fit Nationwide knows the importance of roof bars, racks and bike carriers and choosing a product that is right for your needs. Have a look at our:

Bluetooth Handsfree Phone Kits

Bluetooth Handsfree Phone Kits are a must have for today’s drivers, not only to avoid a big fine but to ensure you can focus on your driving in the safer way possible. Have a look at our Parrot Bluetooth Phone Kits, they are an investment worth making!

Reversing Aids and Protection

Whether you own a car or a commercial vehicle, a reversing aid is a great addition to your driving experience as it ensures blind spots visible, resulting in a more relaxed and safer driving experience. Whether you need a bleeper, a reversing camera or a hope t bar, we can help!

Commercial accessories

At Fast Fit Nationwide we provide a wide variety of commercial accessories including:

Vehicle security accessories

Your vehicle can be subject to theft at any point, that’s why we always stress the importance of security accessories such as alarms, central door lockings,  slam locks, deadlocks and armaplates. Every vehicle is different and will need specific security requirements, contact us to find out which security accessory is best for you.  

In car video camera

If you have ever been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you know how hard it is to prove it. That’s why in-car video cameras are a great way for you to show your insurance company that you are not to blame. They are discrete and take up little space on the windscreen, contact us for the best camera for your needs.

Heated vehicle seats

Do you want to stay warm and toasty on those long winter drives? Heated vehicle seats are a great addition to your driving experience. They are ultra slim and far more effective than traditional wired based systems.

Speed limiters

Speed limiters help you save up to 25% on fuel costs, reduce corporate liability under ‘Duty of Care’ programme, help you reduce your carbon footprint, helping you meet green policy targets, reduce vehicle wear and tear / maintenance costs and increases driver safety! What are you waiting for? Contact us for the best speed limiters for your vehicle.

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Real Speech Alarm Handbrake Warning System

With this system there can be no excuse for any driver to leave the cab without first applying the handbrake.


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