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San Carlos Single High Back Crew Seat

Fixed legs with built in seat belt

The San Carlos high back crew seat is one of the most popular commercial seats, due to its simple compact design, while still offering class leading comfort and safety 


With a built in seat belt it makes the positioning of this seat more flexible than other seats that have separate seat belts. The seat is ideal for extra long vans that have a larger side door opening so you retain as much rear load space as possible by positioning the crew seat close to the back of the original front seats


The standard seat is supplied in cloth or vinyl finish, Grey or black. It can also be supplied in leather or manufacturer's trim as an optional extra and, depending on the age of your existing trim, we match this as close as possible 


The best option is to provide us with a photograph of your original seat trim and state the make, model and year of the vehicle and we can then try and match the trim as best as possible


A single high back crew seat can be supplied and fitted with Fixed Legs or a Removable option. You can have just one seat, 2 or 3 single seats positioned next to each other


All single crew seats are M1 rated and come with a certificate for you to show your insurance company

Please Note! 

This product can change without notice, use as a example guide only. 

Single highback crew seat


Crew seat dimensions
Crew seat hight dimensions
  • Powder coated legs as standard


  • 3 point built-in reel lap and diagonal seat belt


  • PU moulded seat and back foam


  • Can be trimmed in vinyl, cloth, leather or manufacturers matching trim


  • Can be fitted with the standard bolt down kit or on quick release catches

Removable Option

San Carlos Single Seat Rail/Quick Release 

Double & Triple Crew Seats

To comply to M1 crash test standards and conformity we recommend having 2 or 3 single fixed or removable crew seats positioned next to each other 


By having multiple single crew seats we can supply a letter of conformity stating the seats are M1 tested 


Double and triple crew seats are only M2 rated therefore not recommended by us

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Removable crew seats

Optional Accessories

Adjustable Headrest

adjustable headrest

Fixed Headrest

Fixed headrest

Folding Arm Rest

Folding armrest

ISO FIX Seat Mounts

iso seat mounting point

For larger vans with a larger side load door


The single fixed leg crew seats with integral seat belts are ideal for larger van types because you can position the seats right forward to the back of the front seats. This is because they have built in seat belts so we do not have to mount the seat belts anchor points to the vehicles body which is usually behind the side load door.


We can also make a shaped wooden bulkhead to maximise load space in the rear and making it safe for passengers in the front, optional extra 

Laege van wooden bulkhead
Wooden bulkhead

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