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Model DC-3

Single Forward Facing Dashcam With GPS & Auto-Formatting

RoadHawk DC3 Dashcam
DC3 BAack view


The HD-2 can supply some of the highest quality footage seen on a dashcam to date with the ability to record at various high resolutions including Super HD (2304 x 1296p) and 1080p at 60fps



"High Dynamic Range" allows the camera to meter for light and dark areas of video, combining them to create the best possible image quality at all times in all lighting conditions



Even though the Roadhawk HD-2 features a 125 degree wide angle lens, the de-warp technology ensures there is no distortion all the way to the edge of the image



"Electronic Image Stabilisation" ensures that the HD-2 footage is able to soak up vibrations while driving, keeping the footage stable and crisp


Precision GPS

The most accurate GPS presently seen in any dashcam. At 10Hz, the GPS in the HD-2 is more accurate than that of most sat Navs on the market right now



The HD-2 includes a 16GB SDHC memory card and is capable of using up to 512 SDXC memory cards, the highest capacity cards currently available


3 Axis G-Sensor

A G-force sensor that will detect shocks to the vehicle. This is activated automatically from the impact of a collision, manually using the "Event" button on the rear of the camera or even remotely using the optional "Event" button 


Apple Mac or Windows PC compatible

Labour to install POA depending on vehicle type & location

Optional Extras

SD Card

Upgrade the memory card to a 64gb SD Card



DC3 Locking Box

Lockable box so the driver cannot remove the SD card or power cable



DC3 hardwire loom

Hardwire power cable, a must for 24v vehicles, built in dropper



DC3 event button

Event button, to connect the Dashcam to our Tracking system



Guide for approximate record times

Best Video Quality 1080p bit-rate 9+

SD Card        Record Time              Events

    8gb           1 hr   30 mins                22

  64gb          9 hrs 15 mins              180      

128gb       18 hrs 30 mins              375    

Good Video Quality 480p bit-rate 1-4

SD Card    Record Time       Events

    8gb             6 hrs               90

  64gb          39 hrs             750                  

128gb         78 hrs           1500                 


Better Video Quality 720p bit-rate 5-8

SD Card    Record Time       Events

    8gb             3 hrs               45

  64gb          18 hrs             375                  

128gb          36 hrs             750 


Qvia AR790 

Lukas Qvia AR790 Dashcam

Download some basic instructions on how to download the latest

  • Firmware

  • PC software for viewing the video footage 

  • Change settings on the AR790 Dashcam