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Roof Flettner Vents & Grills

There are many different types of roof flettner vents available, below are a couple of examples of the most popular type we supply and fit. Please note!  Manufacturers may change design and models without notification which means we may have to supply and fit a similar product to the ones shown


If you have a specific type of vent you require, then talk to a member of our staff to discuss your requirements 

Standard Rotary Flettner Vent

Roof Flettner Vent
  • Design based upon a twin-vaned air-scoop which spins in the air-stream created by motion of the vehicle. This drives 8 vanes in the base of the ventilator, drawing stale air from the compartment beneath

  • Air-flow is regulated by an open-close grille fitted in the roof aperture

  • Moulded in ABS resin with 2 steel bearings and stainless steel spindle

  • Construction prevents entry of rain, dust and down-draughts. Air-scoop revolves on two steel bearings and will catch the breeze even in a stationary (exterior) location 

Low Profile Flettner Vent

Low profile flettner vent
  • Suitable for roof thickness from 1 to 21mm

  • The low profile "Turbo ||" has been designed to protrude a maximum of 72mm above the vehicles roof and low enough to fit under most roof mounted carrying rack. The 8 vanned air scoop rotates freely while the vehicle is in motion drawing out stale air




Louvre Grill

Louvre Grill


Fixed Hook / Aluminium


louvre Grille size W225 x H150mm


Other sizes available to order

Multi-slotted louvre grill

Multi-Slotted Louvre Grill


Fixed Hook / Aluminium


Louvre Grill size W240 x H168mm or W305 X XH225mm


Other sizes available to order

Slottd Grill

Slotted Grill


Hit & Miss / Aluminium


Louvre Grill size W240 x H164mm or W305 X XH230mm


Other sizes available to order

Square Mesh Ventilator

Square Mesh Ventilator




Louvre Grill size W305 x H229


Ideal for floor mounting


Other sizes available to order

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