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FORS Equipment

Fastfit can supply & fit or just supply the following FORS equipment listed below

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Camera System

Fastfit are a FORS approved associate member and we can supply and fit the products listed below


The manufactures products we use are also FORS associate members and the equipment is FORS recognised


Mobile fitting service available for the Midlands area only at present.

Warranty is a back to base service only at our Bromsgrove or West Bromwich depot



The 2 most common options for positioning the Sidescan sensors:-


1) Nearside Cab and wheel area             or                 2) HGV nearside trailer warning protection zone 

FORS Side Scan
FORS side scan detection zone

You tell us which area you would like the sensors to be fitted or for extra protection you can have both areas covered with 2 sets of sensor kits. Artic vehicles require an additional Suzie connector  if you require the nearside trailer covered as shown in option 2 above    

Each Sidescan sensor kit comes with 4 sensors, Low Speed trigger module, Left turn indicator module and Audible pedestrian voice warning saying "warning vehicle turning left"  In cab buzzer warning aid for the driver, sounds if the sensors detect anything within range

Brigade side scan

Fresnel Lens

Ideal for HGV's and Vans

Fresnel Lens
Fresenel lens lorry view
Van fresnel lens
Caar fresenel lens
Fresnel lens

Available in 2 sizes


A4 & A5


Please state which size you require when ordering 

A Hi Vu Fresnel lens press-fits inside the truck's passenger side window and is held firmly in place by its own "peel-back" self adhesive


The Fresnel lens provides an extra downwards view for the HGV driver so that at a glance he can see any vulnerable road user that might be hidden in the mirror blind spot, alongside his passengers door


Unlike a mirror, Hi Vu affords the driver a normal, (through the window) view of what's close to his cab and not a reversed or inverted mirror image. That means the driver will assimilate any danger much faster and react far more quickly


Fresnel lenses are now accepted as a very important visual safety aid for HGV drivers and organisations such as Transport for London and Crossrail and they insist that trucks are fitted with lenses before being allowed to undertake transportation work on busy urban roads


HGV Fleet Managers and Health and Safety Officers agree that simply press-fitting a Hi Vu lens makes perfect economical and safety sense



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