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GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet Management Tracking

Fastfit Nationwide are an authorised dealer and supplier of Trakm8, fleet trackers.  We supply to suit your needs and our experienced fitters can install at one of our depots or on a mobile basis within the Midlands area. 


Real-time fleet telematics gives an accurate GPS location for your vehicles. Our fleet trackers for vans, cars, and trucks send regular location updates to our secure cloud server, and you'll see your vehicles on a map in our easy-to-use fleet tracking platform.


GPS Fleet Management Tracking is a Must for all Fleet operator who want to manage & control their fleet for maximum performance. With Purchase or  Hire Purchase options also available. We have a range of models to suit your needs.

  • T10 Micro                          




  • T10 Lite




  • T10 Lite ecoN




  • T10 Small

Designed as a self fit tracker, inset the unit into the vehicles OBD port yourself and save on install charges. Available as a track & trace tracker or Canbus connection for monitoring fuel & driver behaviour

Covertly hidden tracker that offers a host of features and reports, ideal as a track & trace tracker that is hidden away inside the vehicle

Same features as the T10 Lite but with Canbus connection to provide reports on fuel & driver behaviour

Same features as the T10 Lite ecoN but with a rugged  waterproof casing IP69K rated. This is the top of the range in fleet trackers and has all the latest technology.


Driver lite bar aid is available with this model, this indicates their driving style and if it needs addressing by way of alights and a buzzer. Driver ID also available with this option   


Tracker Overview Video demonstration 

Click on any image to enlarge

Locate all your vehicles 24/7 with live location information with 1 minute updates & view past history information such as:-


  • location

  • Speed

  • journey/route taken

  • Start/stop times

  • Time parked and lots more .....



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