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Reversing Sensors & Bleepers

Reversing Sensors

Reversing Sensors

Audible reversing sensor kits supplied & fitted for:

  • Cars

  • Vans

  • Lorries & most commercial vehicles

We have reversing sensor kits available for the front and rear of a vehicle   

Car  Reversing Sensors


Commercial  Reversing Sensors

Reversing Bleepers

Reversing Bleepers 

A reversing bleeper for a commercial vehicle is strongly recommended!


When reverse gear is selected a loud bleeping noise will be transmitted near the rear of the vehicle which is to warn anyone in your close proximity that you are reversing.  

Modern systems now have a "Night Silent Feature" which allows the driver to disable the bleeper and reverse in a residential area during restricted night hours, therefore not waking local residents.  


Reversing  Backchat 

For larger commercial vehicles Fastfit can supply and fit a reversing Backchat warning device. 


Ideal for :

  • HGV'S

  • Buses

  • Dust Carts

  • Plant Machinery

This warning alarm uses real speech with unrivalled quality saying "Stand Well Clear, Vehicle Reversing" or similar warning message depending on the make and model we install 


Call now to discuss your requirements with a member of the Fastfit team

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