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Theft Tracker 

Fastfit Nationwide are an authorised dealer and supplier of Smartrack and Scorpiontrack, theft trackers.  We supply to suit your needs and our experienced fitters can install at one of our depots or on a mobile basis within the Midlands area. 

With vehicle thefts in the UK up  by 5% to 64,087 in 2023, there is always a need to  protect your vehicle and your lively hood, for more information on our theft tracker range please take a look at our range below and speak to one of our team.

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Smartrack logo


  • Thatcham S7 Security Certified TSC026.

  • Battery tamper and low battery level alerts.

  • Movement alert - vehicle moved without the ignition being used.

  • Free Android/Apple app for location information.

  • Fully monitored 24/7.

  • Subscription Charges (Please ask for more details)

Suitable for:

Car, Hybrid/Elec, Motorcycle, Van, Motorhome, Plant, Agricultural, HGV

Global Telematics Certificate of stolen vehicle recovery.png

Vehicle Recovery Certificate of a tracker installed by Fastfit.  ​

This vehicle was recovered 30 minutes after it had been stolen! 

The Thatcham S7 can send location information via the free Global Telemetrics Android/Apple app, and is fully monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Scorpion Track logo

Scorpion Track S7, S5 & S5+ Models


Whether its a car, van, HGV, agricultural, motorhome, plant or caravan. Fastfit can cover them all using the Scorpion Track technology. The Scorpion Tracker can be tailored to your needs, with a range of features for each model we offer, that help secure your vehicle and put your mind to rest.

Features Overview:

  • Full 24/7/365 theft monitoring​

  • Police supported

  • Ultimate accuracy & reliability 

  • European coverage

  • Thatcham approved

  • Multi vehicle tracking

  • Multiple theft alerts

  • Family sharing

  • Subscription charges (Please ask for more details)

For more information and to see which Scorpion Track model suits you, then please speak to a member of the team who are happy to advise you further.

Scorpion 24/7 tracking
96% Recovery Rate
Protect your vehicle
Scorpion Track S5 model
Scorpion Track S5+ model
Scorpion Track S7 model
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