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Van Side Window Conversions

Side Load Door Windows

Fastfit can supply & fit the following for most makes of vans:-

  • Side load door glass

  • Side panels 

  • Tailgate glass

  • Rear door glass

  • Midway bulkhead window

  • Fixed privacy glass

  • Sliding or opening glass in privacy (subject to availability for the vehicle make & model)

Side door glass for vans

We cut out the metal panel using a template then trim the inner edge to make a neat look. The glass is then prepped and bonded to the outside of the metal frame


When the glass is in the correct position, we use masking tape to hold the glass in this position because the glass bond needs to harden before the vehicle can be driven away which is usually between 1 to 2 hours depending on weather conditions


When completed you will have a bonded side door glass that will look like a manufactures product as much as possible being an aftermarket fit


Please note! 

To cut the metal panel out we need to use a nibbler and we cannot obtain a completely straight cutting line but will try as best as we can to achieve this. The manufacturer uses a laser cutter while the vehicle is on the production line and we can never replicate this finish. The inner trim will hide any uneven edges as much as possible

Midway Ply bulkhead with a window

Window in a van bulkhead

Side panel glass example with our seat conversion

Van side window and seat conversion

Example of a conversion we have carried out that had a side panel fixed privacy window, false ply roof and carpet to the roof & side van walls


Seat belts are secured in place ready for the seat conversion to be added

Van side window conversion
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