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Pickup Truck Storage Boxes

Need extra storage for your Pickup Truck?

Fastfit have the facility to make bespoke storage units for all makes of Pickup Trucks, based  at our West Bromwich plylining depot.

Tell us your requirements and we will make it for you using Phenolic panels. This special coating provides great protection against moisture and the elements.

The Phenolic panels not only look great but are a cost effective alternative to the more expensive metal options.


If however you would like an even cheaper option then we can make the storage boxes out of Plywood.

Call now for more details and to discuss your requirements.


Call Paul or Steve on 0121 522 4949

Pickup tTruck storage boxes
Storage box for pickup trucks
Phenolic storage box for pickup trucks

The name Phenolic panel or compact phenolic (also known as phenolic boards) consist of a core made with resin and high-density, thermosetting cellulose fibers.

The special coating gives phenolic panels extra protection against moisture and this is why it is mainly used in areas of particularly damp environments.

                  Call now to discuss your requirements!

                           0121 522 4949

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