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Van Deadlocks & Slamlocks

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Van Deadlocks

van deadlock

Deadlocks are the most common type of supplementary vehicle lock


The Euro-deadlock we promote is available in a wide range of vehicle door specific kits


Euro-deadlocks are true deadlocks, they have an internal mechanism which only "lifts" when the correct key is being used to unlock it, this prevents the lock bolt being pushed into the lock case


Cheaper deadlocks often rely solely on the actual key barrel to provide "Deadlocking", resulting in a much lower level of security 


As the name implies, a slamlock automatically locks and secures as the door is closed, requiring the use of the legitimate key to regain access. Due to the automatic operation of a slamlock, they are               recommended for load area doors and are ideal for multi-drop situations


Upgrade and convert the standard vehicles original (OE) door lock to this slamlock operation for ease of use and security


The kit replaces the manufacturers vulnerable barrel, and internal mechanism where appropriate, with a high security custom design which is designed to resist attack and tampering

Van slamlock
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Armourplate Lock Protection

High security at an affordable price & great value for money


Help prevent theft attacks by a visual aid as well as completely encasing the lock-barrel & surrounding area. This product has no moving parts or keys to be lost & requires no activation by the driver. 

If your vehicle has already suffered a theft-attack, this product can be used as an effective & permanent repair, plus the added benefit of providing extra security.  

The Armaplate Lock Protection Systems are made up primarily of two plates. On the outside of the vehicle is an attractive and extremely tough stainless steel plate which protects the lock area. On the inside of the door panel is another larger steel plate which adds further protection. With the door-skin, there is effectively a triple barrier of steel between the would be thief and the lock mechanism.

Ford Rep Lock 1

Ford Rep-Lock

High security lock for Ford vans that replace the original OE door lock. 

A direct replacement high security anti-pick cylinder that prevents thieves from picking the driver's door open to gain access to the vehicle, specifically designed for Ford Transit & Custom vans.

For more details click here 

Ford Rep-lock
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