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VW Caddy Maxxi Adding 5 Extra Seats


We can supply & fit extra rear seats to your VW Caddy Maxxi using original VW Caddy seating, 3 seats behind the front seats and a double seat to the rear of the vehicle. We cannot guarantee an exact trim match to your exiting front seats as there may be a slight difference but the quality is still outstanding.

All seats come with seat belts and are M1-rated.  


These photos show a fully trimmed rear section with carpet to the sides and extra roof lighting and side door/panel windows, these are optional extras so please state if required.

Please Note! The rear double seats are mounted on short legs and are ideally suited for children or smaller people. There is not much leg room for adults. 

VW Caddy Maxxi Seats
VW Maxxi Seats
Maxxi Seats
Back View of Bench Seat
Folded Bench Seat
Caddy Maxxi Bench Seat
VW Caddy Bench Seat
5 Extra Seats

Adding 5 extra seats to a VW Caddy Maxxi

Optional Extras 

  • Plylining

  • Carpet to Plylining or original side panels 

  • Side window conversions

  • Roof lights 

  • Wizadeck none slip floor ​

  • For anything else please ask

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